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  • How to Lower the Cost of Hiring a Party Bus During the Holiday Season

    20 December 2016

    The holidays are here, and you have decided to have an impromptu party with your friends. Due to the nature of the situation, you cannot book a party bus in advance. Since buses for hire are usually in high demand during the holidays, prices tend to be higher than other times of the year. However, this does not mean that you can't get around the high costs and make some savings while enjoying the ride to your destination.

  • Mobility Impairment Travel Advice

    16 November 2016

    According to government statistics, over 4 million Australians are thought to have some form disability or other. That is almost one-fifth of the population of the country, but thankfully the travel industry is better prepared than ever before to meet this group's needs. Of course, it should be said that only a proportion of this relatively high number have a disability that means they are mobility impaired. However, long-term complaints and disorders among Australia's ageing population mean that the travel and leisure sectors must be adaptable in order to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing number of mobility impaired customers.